Pesticide Atlas 2022

The Pesticide Atlas raises awareness, provides comprehensive information and fosters nuanced debate around agrochemicals used for pest control. It sheds light on different aspects from scientific research, including the impact of pesticides on soils, waters, biodiversity and health, and highlights alternative models with a more stringent implementation of integrated pest management where synthetic substances are only a last resort option.
Conscious Choices: A Guide to Ethical Shopping in Palestine

Conscious Choices: A Guide to Ethical Shopping in Palestine

Do you want to shop ethically in Palestine? Are you searching for authentic traditional handicrafts? Do you want to buy organic food and sustainably produced goods? If so, take a look at the second edition of the Conscious Choices Guidebook that includes information about and contact details for over 130 Palestinian local producers, shops, and community initiatives

Insect Atlas

The Insect Atlas provides Data and facts about beneficial and harmful insects in agriculture, formulates criticism of the overly hesitant policy and names the urgently needed steps to protect insects.