The Right to Resign For Migrant Workers
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The Right to Resign For Migrant Workers

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The right to resign is one of the standards of decent work. It is a fundamental right universally recognized for workers in various labor legislations, including Jordanian national legislation. The Jordanian Labor Law regulates the provisions of resignation and dismissal. Thus, it allows the worker to terminate the contractual relationship with the employer in the event of an indefinite contract between them, after notifying their employer in writing at least one month in advance and getting the management’s approval regarding their resignation.

However, Tamkeen for Legal Aid and Human Rights, through its work in the Jordanian labor market, noted that this right is limited to a specific group of workers, while migrant workers are prevented from exercising this right. Accordingly, this paper deals with the right to resign as stated in international human rights conventions and national legislation, reviewing the implementation of this right in practice, particularly for migrant workers.

The paper relies on a review of relevant international agreements and national legislation, as well as an analysis of cases of migrant workers, particularly those working in the field of pedicures and manicures as well as other sectors, who wanted to resign from their workplace and work for another employer.

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