Shafa 'Amer Ice Cream

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Shafa 'Amer Ice Cream

   Shafa ‘Amer Ice Cream has its beginnings rooted in Nablus, where the business owner Abu Zaytoun Mesha’al  learned the art of ice cream making from his mother Wadi’ah, who began making ice cream in 1938. In the 1950s, Abu Zaytoun and his brothers started the business of ice cream making in Shafa ‘Amr. Since then, the family has been famous for producing the unique mistaka ice cream in the north region. Mistaka or Mastic plant resin is a famous ingredient in many of the Levant desserts and has a very distinct flavour. The ice cream produced by the Mesha’als is still freshly prepared every day in three flavours: Pure Mistaka, mistaka with pistachio, and mistaka with lemon. Natural ingredients are what make this ice cream special as it does not contain any colourings or additives. Today, the sons and nephews of Abu Zaytoun have expanded the business to Nazareth and Kufur Yasif and are making the ice cream more available in local markets. The logo of this ice cream is the portrait of the grandmother, whose famous recipe of fresh milk, mistaka, and sugar with no preservatives is the reason behind the success of this product. They also have special ice creams served on plates like Burma ice cream, Layali Lubnan ice cream and Kunafa ice cream.


Product Availability: Year-round.

Product Selling Points: In their stores in Shafa ‘Amr, Nazareth and Kufur Yasif .