Rawabi Falastin Honey

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Rawabi Falastin Honey

   With the belief in the importance of production independence and making use of local resources, Othman Radi, who primarily works as an ambulance officer, founded his own farm. He started beekeeping and producing organic honey as well as other beehive products. He was mainly interested in the domestic Palestinian bee strain and devised several ways to breed domestic bee queens and promote them among beekeepers for their ability to resist diseases and pests and ensuring organic production free of chemical pollutants. Thanks to this, apiaries spread in various areas of Palestine under the brand name “Rawabi Falastin Honey” and producing various types of honey. Production is not limited to honey, but to all beehive products such as bee gum, royal jelly, pollen, beebread, bee poison, and wax to make creams and therapeutic ointments in addition to honey soap. All this production was possible from Radhi’s personal efforts.

   Furthermore, the farm's activity was not limited to beekeeping and beehive products, but it also launched innovations in the fields of hydroponic and organic cultivation, in addition to the production of mushroom seeds of the highest quality in the Arab world according to Othman Radi. The production of mushrooms holds a great economic and political importance as the Israeli occupation is monopolizing the production and marketing of mushrooms. By studying and researching the production of all kinds of mushroom seeds, Othman succeeded in producing pure strains of mushroom seeds and helped establish several mushroom farms in villages, cities and rural areas, relying on the local environment for production inputs.

   Existing agricultural projects include hydroponics, aquaponics, composting, and production of natural mixtures for pest and disease management that affect crops, which in turn reduce water consumption and constitute a natural alternative that is not harmful to the environment.

   Othman hopes to reach self-sufficiency in food production at the personal and national levels. He also calls for the boycott of Israeli products as a means for protecting the land and supporting local production.


Product Availability: Year-round.

Product Selling Points: Through the Facebook page or orders by Telephone.

Other Services: The farm provides instructional services, training courses.