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The Heinrich Böll Foundation - Palestine and Jordan is Seeking Offers for the Production of a Graphic Novel on Labor Migration & Human Trafficking in Jordan

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The Heinrich Böll foundation (in German Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung or hbs) is part of the Green political movement and seeks to contribute to the development of a diverse and vivid global civil society. We aim to encourage and facilitate local initiatives and regional cooperation. Our activities are guided by the fundamental political values of universal human rights, ecology, democracy, solidarity, and non-violence.

The Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung established the Ramallah-based Palestine and Jordan Office in 1999. The office is currently working in close partnership with more than 20 local partner organizations in Palestine and Jordan.

Together with our partner organizations, the hbs - Palestine and Jordan implements a project on Labor Migration & Human Trafficking in Jordan. One of the project’s goals is to raise awareness on the difficult living and working conditions of migrant workers in Jordan, with a focus on mostly female domestic workers, cases of violations of the rights of migrant workers and their increased vulnerability to become victims of human trafficking.

  1. Assignment Objective

Hbs is looking for an author and an illustrator to create one short graphic novel illustrating the legal and social situation of migrant workers and the national framework regarding human trafficking in Jordan. The final result (in Arabic) is supposed to be an original and thought- provoking illustrated graphic novel on the status of labor migration and human trafficking in Jordan and the situation of migrant workers, their rights and responsibilities, and the challenges they face, such as violations of their basic rights.

2.     Scope of the Assignment

Working under the overall guidance of hbs, and in cooperation with the author of the novel the cartoonist/ illustrator will conceptualize and design top-notch digital work to provide original and thought-provoking illustrations on the victims of modern slavery. The intended output is a short graphic novel (max. 20 pages- A5 size).

3.     Duties and Responsibilities

To achieve the objective of the assignment, the illustrator and author will perform the following tasks:

·       crafting original content (short graphic novel);

·       submitting the preliminary layout/plot for discussion with hbs;

·       incorporating comments and suggestions by hbs, so as to prepare a high-quality final draft of the short graphic novel;

·       ensuring all corrections have been inserted;

·       obtaining a final approval by hbs;

·       creating a PDF version for hbs printing and web posting;

·       submitting all final files to hbs

4.     Duration of Assignment

The final version of the graphic novel has to be submitted on July 20th, 2021.

5.     Deliverables

·       Preparation of a draft of the short graphic novel on various aspects of labour migration and human trafficking (as stated under Items 1 and 2).

·       A final draft of the short graphic novel reflecting the comments provided by hbs.

6.     Institutional setting and reporting

The illustrator will be contracted by hbs and will report to the Program Coordinator at the Palestine & Jordan Office in Ramallah on administrative and conceptual matters. In case of contracting two consultants to produce the novel (illustrator and author), both will work closely under the supervision of hbs.

The present ToR may be subject to modification, without changing the overall objective and the scope of the work, on the basis of mutual consultation and agreement. The hbs will hold the copyright of the assignment’s outputs with attribution to the creators.

7.     Payment Modality

Hbs’ standard method of payment is the output-based lump-sum scheme and the payment will be made upon completion of the tasks as agreed upon in the contract. The amount paid will be inclusive of all associated costs such as transportation, income tax, etc.

8.     Application Process

  • The deadline for submitting applications is May 25th, 2021.
  • Applications received after the closing date will not be considered.
  • Applications should be sent to and should include the following:

- Updated CV including relevant work experience and qualifications.

- Candidate's financial offer.


For inquires and clarifications please contact:


Ms.  Dana Abu Lail

Program Coordinator

Hbs - Jordan and Palestine/ Ramallah