Saudi Arabia: Women's rights bill postponed until after the liberation of Palestine

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ولا يعني وجود ملف قبل الآخر أنهم سينظرون إليه

Saudi Arabia decided to postpone reviewing their previous decision on the "women's rights bill" until the Palestinian land is 'free', all the imprisoned Palestinians are out of Israeli jails, Palestine becomes a member of the United Nations and has embassies in every country around the globe.

The Saudi Arabian minister of foreign affairs demanded from women to have more patience, the key to resolving most issues in the region. The minister stated that the government started working on a schedule to gradually grant women their rights already. For example, women will be allowed to 'steer' remote-controlled cars of their children, as a prelude to allowing women to drive with the presence of at least two guardians and a member of the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue.

Experts say that this decision is unprecedented in the history of the country, as it is the first time the government acknowledges what human rights organizations call “rights”. The use of this word was until now limited to the royal family and westerners working in oil fields.