Egyptian judiciary system receives offer to star in comedy show

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صورة للجنة التحكيم

Many judges and officials in the judicial council in Egypt are considering offers to host game shows, comedy and drama series, and horror movies, which will be broadcast during newscasts, alongside the current content already being produced on a daily basis on national television.

It is believed that that the 'Military justice' will start production of a gameshow, where the winner is the fastest judge to deliver the wildest verdict, such as a child sentenced to life imprisonment in jail. Viewers will be able to vote for a winner in courts or through text messages.

The Egyptian police therefore had to run a fierce campaign to 'collect' participants, by surprising them in their homes and cafes and bringing them to nine prisons newly built for the show.

The Egyptian judicial council started its appearance in the satirical space during the 'Abdul Nasser Era' and rapidly developed during the regimes of El Sadat and Mubarak. It has reached its peak under President Sisi's rule.