Radio Programs about Labor Migration & Human Trafficking

Welcome to the page dedicated to the radio programmes “Road to the Airport” and “Mahatat Masr” These were produced in cooperation with Radio Al-Balad to raise awareness of the precarious living conditions experienced by migrant workers. We hope you enjoy listening to “Road to the Airport” and “Mahatat Masr”

Road to the Airport
Jordanian migrant workers working abroad

In cooperation with hbs, Amman-based Radio Al-Balad launched their new radio program called “Road to the Airport” in April 2022. The program sheds light on the labor issues, challenges and problems that Jordanian expatriates face while working abroad. The show aims to enhance Jordanian expatriates' communication with their homeland by providing them with a platform to  raise their concerns and to speak directly with experts who are guests on the program.

Tune in every Thursday at 12.00 PM to find out more about the lives of Jordanian workers overseas. The live episodes are streamed on Radio al Balad’s Facebook page (all content is in Arabic only).  Past episodes can also be accessed by clicking on the link below.

Mahatat Masr
by Egyptians for Egyptians

In 2020, hbs cooperated with Amman-based Radio Al-Balad to produce a radio program titled Mahatat Masr (Egypt Station). In accordance with the slogan “By Egyptians for Egyptians”, the radio program was produced and narrated by Egyptian media students over a period of 16 weeks. Each  show focused on Egyptian labor migrants residing in Jordan and their daily struggle to make a living. During the phone-in shows, Egyptian laborers were able to call, tell their stories, share their concerns or raise questions. The show was highly successful, with the number of viewers ranging between 10.000 and 15.000 per show. Among these viewers were a significant proportion of Egyptian migrant workers.

Sixteen episodes were produced in total and if you missed any episodes of Mahatat Masr,or wish to re-watch them ,episodes are all available through the link below (all content is in Arabic only).