Policy Analysis and Advocacy Program

This program contributes to a constructive and just European foreign policy towards the region, based on human rights, gender democracy and on the vision of just and lasting peace.

Under this program, hbs supports partners who analyze the political situation in Palestine and the underlying causes of conflict, in order to provide policy advice to European and regional decision-makers and to raise the public’s awareness. Hbs and partners produce research, studies and policy papers, as well as periodic publications, and organize conferences, public debates, expert roundtables, delegations, advocacy, study tours and cultural interventions and workshops. By these activities, data and on-the-ground political analysis in Palestine is collected and provided, and through the access to on-the-ground data, the general public and the journalists/media in Europe and in the region is more informed on different points of view on the conflict. Also, policy makers and researchers are provided with in-depth analyses of regional issues.

Main Objectives:

• Strengthen capacities for academic research, analysis and strategic thinking.

• Support publications that provide on-the-ground analysis.

• Raise international awareness of

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Jerusalem Quarterly Issue 82

The Jerusalem Quarterly (JQ) is the leading journal on the past, present, and future of Jerusalem. It documents the current status of the city and its predicaments. It is also dedicated to new and rigorous lines of inquiry by emerging scholars on Palestinian society and culture.