Safa’ Al Jayoussi
Safa’ Jayoussi

Safa’ is an International award winning advocate & leading regional campaign advisor with 10 years’ experience in the civil society field. She created & implemented major campaigns in the region & founded many networks and coalitions that serve different causes. In her work she has engaged in the climate change negotiations since 2008 as an official climate change negotiations observer under the UNFCCC and became a reference for Arab World climate policy to a number of international networks and organizations. She is currently CAN international board Co-Chair a worldwide network of over 1300 NGOs in more than 120 countries, working to promote government and individual actions to limit climate change.

She was selected to present the MENA region in Climate Women Leaders "IVLP" fellowship program in USA during 2012 and joined the Young Leaders Visitors Program "YLVP" in Sweden in 2015. Safa’ is a professional trainer and has conducted many trainings through international grassroot movements on campaigning, mobilization & advocacy. Safa’ is also a public speaker and has presented her work in many international and sub-regional events in over 20 countries including addressing the UNGA in 2017 as a keynote speaker.