One of our partners is Filistiniyat, a Palestinian NGO committed to the equitable participation of women and youth at all levels of public discourse. Filistiniyat’s feminist News Agency Nawa promotes female journalists in Palestine. With the support of HBS, Nawa’s reporters in the Gaza Strip have written and published 197 reports, nine photo reports and six audiovisual reports in 2015. You can access them on their website.

We are happy to share with you translations of three articles on the topics child marriage, street art and the unsafe school ways for children in Gaza.

The articles published have been produced with the financial assistance of the Heinrich Böll Stiftung. The views expressed herein are those of the author(s) and therefore not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Heinrich Böll Stiftung.

Videos by our Partner Filistiniyat
(Feminist News Agency Nawa)

Journalist Islam Amarna, who is in the last month of her pregnancy, talks about her fear of contracting the Coronavirus. On a visit to her doctor, she listens to advice on preventing catching the virus or dealing with it when the pregnant mother is infected. In the video, Anfal Amarna talks about her experience of being infected with Coronavirus during her last days of pregnancy and giving birth to her child during the infection. Prepared by: Islam Amarna from Qalandia Camp, for Nawa Network.

Omar Yaghi, a Palestinian infant, 8 months old, lived in Gaza Strip and died as a result of a heart condition that needed a surgery in Tal-Shomar hospital in the 1948 occupied territory, but due to Israel multiple refusal to grant him a permit to leave to have the necessary surgery he couldn't make it. Photo and produced by Marah El wadiya

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Articles by our Partner Filistiniyat
(Feminist News Agency Nawa)