Women in Hebron

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Women in Hebron

   The Women in Hebron project, also known as Idna Cooperative Association, is a fair trade cooperative initiative started in 2005 by the women of Idna, a village southwest of Hebron. Starting small to benefit Idna women with additional income to support their families, today the Women in Hebron has a store in the old city of Hebron and is joining other initiatives and businesses in the threatened old city. Today, the initiative benefits hundreds of women from different localities in Hebron.

   The Women in Hebron initiative sees its role in strengthening community and acknowledging the role of women in the struggle for justice and freedom. They believe that the women of Hebron can play a role in raising awareness about the situation in Palestine by sharing their experiences and struggle with the whole world.

   Women in Hebron is a revolutionary project for women to take control over their lives and raise their voices against political, social, and economic injustices limitations. They are working to establish a space to join entrepreneurs and culture enthusiast producers to expand and develop new products that are both modern and culturally rich.


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