Hebron Glass Factory

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Hebron Glass Factory

   Glassblowing is a traditional Palestinian handicraft that for centuries has been especially been prominent in the old city of Hebron. One particularly famous neighbourhood for this craft in Hebron was given the name “Azazeen” (glass workers). Glassblowing depends on sand as raw material and in Hebron it has historically been sourced from the barieh (outback) of the Hebron hills. The craft has undergone some major changes in recent years, but the Natsheh family were the only ones to maintain traditional glassblowing methods. However, their raw material was changed from sand to broken glass which is melted and reshaped to make the beautiful glassware they produce, which is a beautiful example of recycling in Palestine. Following their historical technique, the Natsheh family is keeping this tradition alive, especially since their work has come into demand for decorative and souvenir items.

   Today, the Natsheh family has moved from its factories in the old city to the northern entrance of Hebron. There you can watch the entire process of glassblowing and buy from the colourful selection of exhibited products that includes glasses, pots, plates, decorative items and much more. The factory now also produces items in the Phoenician glass style, which is an ancient glassmaking technique that they have studied and mastered.


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