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Sakiya - Art Science Agriculture

   Sakiya is nestled in the beautiful village of Ein Qinya, a few kilometres away from the city of Ramallah. Long famous for its picturesque landscapes and beautiful sanasel (stone terraces), Ein Qinya is an ideal location for the transformative and revolutionary work of Sakiya. As its founders state, Sakiya is a progressive academy and a field for experimental knowledge production, blending together the traditional knowledge and heritage with contemporary forms of expression of art and culture.

   Sakiya’s vision describes it best as “liberation through a society whose confidence is rooted in traditional and contemporary ecological practices, whose tolerance echoes nature’s diversity, whose generosity springs from collective labour, whose creativity is enriched by the intersections between art, science and agriculture and whose prosperity is shared beyond boundaries.”

   Sakiya’s unique vision of re-establishing connection and relationships with the natural world expands its projects to include artistic collaborations that are in direct conversation and harmony with local practices, knowledge and rootedness. Natural ink making, permaculture, natural earth crayons and dyes, music production and many more are the topics of art residencies hosted at Sakiya. Sakiya is a visionary project that brings together artists, researchers and practitioners to reflect on and rekindle the emotive and practical connections and relations with the land and its bountiful produce. Not only does Sakiya serve as a haven to escape the chokingly crowded city but also as a platform for critical reflection on the status of our ecosystems and our collective wellbeing. Make sure to follow their Facebook and Instagram pages for details on workshops, events and calls for collaboration.


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