Marda Permaculture Farm

Conscious Choices
Marda Permaculture Farm

   If we think about how we as individuals use our resources to sustain ourselves, from food to energy to shelter, we should realize that we could do much better, and use and consume much less. Permaculture is all about designing an ecologically balanced way of living that goes beyond our food production to the way we run our households, businesses, and communities. By cooperating with nature rather than exploiting and fighting it, we are contributing to a strong, healthy, and caring society.

   Initiated in 2006, Marda Permaculture Farm has developed into a model for permaculture design principles applied to Palestinian problems. It models core permaculture techniques including organic farming methods, food forest design, composting, greenhouse polycultures, water-retaining landscaping strategies, agroforestry, and integrated livestock management. Based in the picturesque ancient village of Marda near Salfit, the project promotes food sovereignty, health, and empowerment.

   Every year, Marda Permaculture Farm offers a 14-day intensive Permaculture Design Course with internationally recognized and acclaimed teachers who work alongside Murad, the owner of the farm. This course provides an important opportunity to learn about permaculture design theory and how it can be applied within the Palestinian context. It is also an opportunity for foreign students to visit and learn about Palestine. Check theirfacebook page for the latest news about registering for upcoming courses.


Volunteering Opportunities: Weeding, farming, preparation of land, composting, support in building rooms on the farm using natural building techniques. Price is NIS135 per night (covers meals and night stays).

Other Services: The owner provides tours to historical sites in the village. Night stays are provided.