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Jabal Goods

   Fajr Harb is a community activist who is involved in many community initiatives aimed at strengthening the relationship with the land, preserving Palestinian heritage and supporting the principle of self-sufficiency. His idea came from his interest in finding local healthy and natural products that are not available in the Palestinian market. In 2019, and in response to the increase in demand for such products, he started Jabal Goods with producing two types of almond milk, unsweetened and date-sweetened. Relying solely on local inputs from Palestinian sources, he achieved great success and the almond drinks became a hit in a short period of time.

   The “Jabal” project is a pioneer project that is socially, environmentally and nationally responsible. It provides healthy products that are carefully produced to achieve high quality. They are free of preservatives, unnatural additives, colorings, and refined sugar.

   The products are also environmentally friendly as they are packaged in glass bottles rather than single-use plastic that is bad for both health and the environment. In Palestine, unsafe methods are used to dispose of plastic, such as burning it or throwing it in nature, and in best cases, they get disposed of in landfills. The “Jabal” project works to collect used glass bottles that people return to the stores, which are then washed, sterilized with natural and environmentally friendly materials, and prepared for reuse. It is worth mentioning that committing to working in this way increases production costs. Glass bottles and the paper poster cost twice as much as plastic, but the project owners believe in the need to change the production and consumption culture to become more sustainable and comprehensive. This is in addition to their belief in the ability to innovate and come up with creative mechanisms to reduce production costs and achieve better competitiveness. Even the labels on products are plastic-free paper. In the future, the project aspires to rely on alternative energy in the production and transportation processes.

   One of the most important features of the “Jabal” project is its keenness to create and promote new community awareness and consumer culture. It relies in its production on local raw materials from Palestinian farmers to provide an excellent local alternative to imported and Israeli products. It also aspires to create jobs in society, support farmers and create a new and environmentally friendly consumer culture.

   If you are located outside “Jabal” distribution areas, expect their products to reach you soon as they are expanding and increasing selling points to cover the whole of the West Bank.


Product Availability: Year-round seasonal produce.

Product Selling Points:

  • selling points in Ramallah and Al-Bireh:  Saleh Khalaf Shops (Downtown),La vie Restaurant (near Downtown), Al-Zawour Supermarket (Old Ramallah), Karaz Supermarket (Al-Bireh), Al-Khayyat stores (Old Ramallah), Fitafeh Restaurant (Old Ramallah), Bas Baladi (Al-Bireh),Qameh bakery (Al-Tereh), Adel Weekly Market on Tuesdays 8:00 am to 4:00 pm opposite of  Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center(Ramllah).
  • Qalandia: Adel Fairtrade Stores, Qalandia, near the checkpoint.
  • Beit Jala: Saturdays 8:30 am to 4:00 pm at Adel weekly market, Normandy Building.