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Al Ameen Farms

   In an area under the constant threat of confiscation by the settlers of Psagot and Bet El Settlements, "Qurtees Mountain", situated east of the city of Al-Bireh is where Ameen Suleiman (known as Ameen Al Shaweesh) started his farm in 1998. The area lies on the central ridge running across the West Bank, with beautiful views that overlook the breath-taking desert hills of the Jordan Valley to the east and extends to reach Mediterranean Sea to the West. Returning from the United States, Ameen was determined to contribute to the prosperity of his homeland through supporting the self-sufficiency of his people and reviving the baladi (traditional) way of farming and healthy production.

   Ameen started with three livestock of sheep and goats, in a 16 dunum farm where he grows seasonal vegetables, olive trees, and fodder for his sheep, with no use of chemicals. A network of customers buying fresh milk, cheese and meat from him has developed throughout the years, from friends and conscientious people who wish to buy healthy food from a trusted source as well as support the local way of production. The farm has now grown to reach 240 livestock of sheep and goats. Ameen works in the farm and produces milk while his wife Ameena makes cheese, kishik (traditional dried yogurt), and other dairy products from milk.

   With the blessings and support of his community, Ameen managed to rehabilitate 200 dunums of land around his farm, growing mainly wheat and barley for his sheep and protecting the land from the attacks of settlers. Moreover, Ameen believes in cooperation and collective work, as he welcomed volunteers such as Sharaka volunteer group and others to start a community farm on his land to operate over two farming seasons per year. He still welcomes the idea and is open to these sorts of models to be implemented on his farm.

   If you are in the Ramallah and Al-Bireh area, Ameen's farm is close by, make sure to pay the farm a visit and buy your fresh organic milk and meat from there.


Product Availability: Year-round
Volunteering Opportunities:  Volunteers are welcome to volunteer in farming and taking care of the livestock.

Product Selling Points: Upon order.

Other Services: Will be offering housing during the weekends in the near future.