Humanitarian and Development Agencies Call Upon Third States to Take Effective Action to Stop the Annexation of Territory in the West Bank

Joint statement by INGOs against annexation

8 international humanitarian and development agencies (Oxfam, Diakonia, Première Urgence Internationale, MdM France, American Friends Service Committee, Middle East Children's Alliance, Danish Church Aid and Christian Aid) have issued a statement calling upon third states to take effective action to stop the annexation of territory. 

The announcement of the joint statement reads as follows:

“As INGO’s operating in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT), we witness on a daily basis the humanitarian impact on families of the ongoing de facto annexation on Palestinian people in the Jordan Valley and across Area C. Up to 150 Palestinian villages and hamlets in the West Bank (excluding East Jerusalem), home to 140,000 people, may fall within the newly annexed areas. Palestinians in and near annexed areas will experience increased poverty and rights violations, including violating Palestinian territorial integrity.

We urge third states to take initiate immediate and proportional diplomatic restrictive measures in relation to any annexation of territory. We call on the European Union, including all 27 Member States, to follow consistent EU Foreign Affairs policy and hold all governments that acquire land by force accountable to the same standards. 

Beyond annexation, the status quo is neither acceptable nor sustainable. Annexation is yet another moment that demonstrates the systemic inequality and discrimination that defines the relationship between Palestinians and Israelis.”

You may find the full statement in the file enclosed herein.