Radio Balad launches Mahatat Egypt – a new Radio Program on Egyptian Laborers

Media students practicing how to produce and present radio shows
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Media students practicing how to produce and present radio shows

On June 2nd 2020, Amman-based Radio Balad launched the first show of their new radio program called Mahatat Egypt (Egypt Station). According to the motto “By Egyptians for Egyptians”, Egyptian media students produce and narrate the radio program with each show focusing on Egyptian labor migrants residing in Jordan and their daily struggle to make a living. During the phone-in shows, Egyptian laborers get the possibility to call, tell their stories, share their concerns, or raise questions.

Just before everything in Jordan had to close down temporarily due to the outbreak of the novel Corona virus, Radio Balad conducted a training for Egyptian media students on how to broadcast a radio show successfully. Therefore, all media students were given specific training on radio programming, how to produce and present a radio show, and how to understand the audience and talk to them engagingly. Scripts of a trial episode were assigned and critiqued. The media students were given a chance to practice and present what they learned in the studio. Afterwards they discussed the results with their fellow students and exchanged further ideas. As part of the training, the students reached out to the Egyptian Embassy to seek their help and support regarding the biggest challenges Egyptian laborers are facing in Jordan.

Radio Balad
Egyptian media students receiving training

For the next two months, Radio Balad is going to broadcast a new 60-minute radio show of Mahatat Egypt every Tuesday at 2:30 pm Amman time. Tune in to Radio Balad to follow the shows!

The training as well as the radio program Mahatat Egypt is produced with the support of Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Palestine and Jordan. All radio shows of Mahatat Egypt will soon be available in our dossier on this website.