“More Plastic than Fish in the Ocean?” - Workshop on the implications of plastic & solid waste on our cities and oceans

Heinrich Böll Foundation (hbs) welcomes applicants from Jordan & Palestine for a workshop titled “More Plastic in the Ocean than Fish?” on Plastic & Solid Waste (Problems and Solutions) that will take place between November 6th-8th, 2018 in Aqaba, Jordan.

Heinrich Boell Foundation in cooperation with its partner in Jordan, the Royal Marine Conservation Society (JREDS), will hold a two-day workshop in Aqaba on plastic & solid waste, with the aim of raising awareness on the topic, building the capacities of participants and stirring up debates on the causes, affects and solutions to the waste problem. The workshop program will consist of lectures, discussions, group work and a field visits. The lecturers leading the sessions will come from diverse backgrounds; academia, governmental bodies, local NGOs, INGOs, and community-based organizations.

The workshop will focus on the damaging effects of solid waste and marine litter on the marine environment of the Gulf of Aqaba and correlations with the global problem of plastic contamination in the seas and oceans. It will also address the waste problem within the urban space and potential management schemes, both at the policy and community levels, as well as the legal framework. The workshop will also display case studies of projects, clean-up campaigns and community-based initiatives tackling the solid waste problem. The second day of the workshop will consist of a field trip, during which participants will have the opportunity to visit a number of locations in Aqaba that are affected by marine litter and the projects that are working to improve the status of the environment.

The participants:

Participation in the workshop is open to applicants from Jordan and Palestine. The participants will be active change makers, environmental activists, and researchers on relevant topics within the age range of 23 to 35.

Application Process:

To be considered for the workshop, please fill out and submit the Application Form and attach a Curriculum Vitae to the  email info@ps.boell.org, no later than October 19th, 2018.