Heinrich Böll Stiftung Palestine & Jordan concludes a 3-day journalistic training workshop on the rights of migrant workers and human trafficking in the region

In the framework of the project “Strengthening the legal and social status and enhancing the protection of migrant workers in Jordan and the region”, hbs Palestine & Jordan organized a 3-day workshop for 15 journalists from Palestine and Jordan. The participants received training on investigative reporting of human trafficking, the situation of migrant workers and cases of violations of their rights. The workshop was designed and conducted by hbs´ Amman-based partner, the “Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism” (ARIJ).

The training took place from 24 till 26 June 2018 in Amman, Jordan. It aimed to raise awareness among decision makers and the general public on the difficult living and working conditions of migrant workers, the violations of their human rights and the various forms of human trafficking. This was done in order to enhance the readiness of decision makers to discuss these issues.

The training tackled the following topics: definition of migrant workers, the local, regional and international frameworks regulating migrant workers, the relationship between migrant workers and modern forms of slavery, human trafficking, sensitive language and media glossary, national legislations on migrants and human trafficking, violations against migrant workers. The participants also learned about different reporting formats and methods and the difference between traditional news reporting and investigative journalism. Practical sessions and exercises were conducted to guide participants in researching a story, preparing for a press conference or interview, selecting an investigative idea, and report writing.