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Conducting training for journalists for the project

“Strengthening the legal and social status and enhancing the protection of migrant workers in Jordan and the region”

  1. Background:

The Heinrich Böll Stiftung is part of the Green political movement that has developed globally as a response to the traditional politics of socialism, liberalism, and conservatism. We seek to encourage and facilitate cross-border initiatives and regional cooperation. Our activities are guided by the fundamental political values of universal human rights, ecology, democracy, solidarity, and non-violence.

The Heinrich Böll Stiftung established the Palestine & Jordan Office in Ramallah in 1999. The office is working in close partnership with currently more than 20 local partner organizations in Gaza, East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Jordan.

Together with the main partner Jordanian Women’s Union (JWU) the Heinrich Böll Stiftung Ramallah & Jordan implements the project “Strengthening the legal and social status and enhancing the protection of migrant workers in Jordan and the region” from 01.01.2018 until 31.12.2020. The third component of this project aims to raise awareness on the difficult living and working conditions of migrant workers in Jordan, with a focus on mostly female domestic workers, cases of violations of the rights of migrant workers in Jordan and the issue of human trafficking in the region.

  1. Assignment Objective

Hbs is looking for a consultant to conduct a 2-3 days training for journalists on reporting on human trafficking, the situation of migrant workers and cases of violations of the rights of migrant workers.

The objective to which the training will contribute is the following:

Awareness of the difficult living and working conditions of migrant workers, violations of their human rights and various forms of human trafficking is raised among decision makers and their readiness to discuss the issues is increased.

The outputs to be delivered by the consultant are as follows:

  • Preparation of training modules and training material (if necessary identify and sub-contract other expert trainers to conduct specific module(s))
  • Conduct a 2-3 days training for approx. 25 journalists including the following modules and other sessions as appropriate:

- Overview of the living and working conditions of migrant workers in the sectors agriculture, textile, tourism and hospitality, construction and domestic work and existing violations of the rights of migrant workers, and the issue of human trafficking in Jordan and the region.

- Overview of the legal framework with regard to migrant workers, their protection and human trafficking (anti-trafficking law) (for this module a legal expert may be sub-contracted by the consultant)

- Sensitive language and media glossary (according to ILO FAIRWAY Media-Friendly glossary on migration)

- Discuss different methods (in-depth reports, investigations, features, documentaries, and radio and television programs) to report on the topic and conduct practical work with participants

- (If possible) conduct a field visit to relevant sites or invite an affected person (migrant worker) for an insight in the problems and facilitate an exchange

- Practical session: guide and advice participants in researching on a case/ story and in writing or producing the report

- Other modules as suggested by the training consultant


  1. Coordination and Responsibilities:
  • The contract for the consultancy will be provided by hbs.
  • The Consultant will report directly to hbs.


  1. Timing and Deliverables:

April-May: Development of modules and training material

June: Conducting the training

July: Training report and closing the project


  1.  Competencies and experience
  • Experience and track record in both investigative journalism and providing training to journalists
  • Previous experience in critical journalism especially dealing with social and political topics and human rights
  • Sound knowledge of the topic of migrant work, human-trafficking and its legal framework  in Jordan and the region
  • Excellent time management skills and ability to produce outputs as per agreed deadlines.



Fluency in English and Arabic, both written and spoken.


  1. Application process:
  • The closing date is March 21st 2018
  • Applications received after the closing date will not be considered.
  • Applications should be sent to and should include the following:
  • An application letter (max 2 pages) outlining the approach to the training, the modules and referring to relevant previous experience
  • Updated CV including relevant work experience and qualifications;
  • Candidate's financial offer


For inquires and clarifications please contact:

Ms.  Henriette Wolf

Programme coordinator

hbs Jordan and Palestine/ Ramallah