Donald Trump: Women not to be allowed to drive

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أيّ الشَرّين أهون؟

In a speech held yesterday, the presidential candidate, Donald Trump, declared his support to those who believe women should not get behind the steering wheel. He asked the world to follow the Saudi example and stated that Hillary Clinton, as a woman, "lacks intelligence and religious values" and is certainly "plotting" against the US. He then continued to say Clinton should not be allowed to steer a car or ride a bicycle, and needless to mention, the country’s direction.

Additionally, sources among Trump's campaign staff indicated that he's planning to host a new reality show in the White House called "The Biggest Leader". In the show, Trump will decide the winners and losers randomly. The winners will get to spend some time inside the White House, while cameramen film Trump attempting to have sex with them. Afterwards viewers will get a chance to watch them cry in the restroom. The losers will be thrown behind Trump’s walls, along with the Mexicans, Syrians and the refugees.

Many of those following the presidential race are terrified of Trump winning the elections, because of the possibility that he might turn parts of the White House into a mall that sells his products and offer to use other parts as a motel.

Despite the results of many polls showing that most of the human population thinks he's an idiotic imbecile, Trump's popularity on social media grows by the hour, proving once again that money can buy anything, everything and more.