Renewable Energy


Engineer Zayed Produces Biochar from Agricultural Waste

As engineer Hasan Zayed was wandering between farms stretching the northern Gaza Strip, the accumulated amounts of agricultural waste immobilized him and led him to wonder “why are these remnants wasted in trash? And could these huge quantities be benefited in producing energy? And how?” He finally found the answers to these questions in his project “Biochar Production”.

By NAWA - Women Media Agency

A Socio-Economic Analysis of Renewable Energy Usage in Palestine

Supported by the Palestinian American Research Center (PARC) and hbs, Sameerah Awawdeh and Dr. Yousef Daoud are carrying out a project investigating the economic and social impact of the use of solar energy instead of fossil fuels to generate electricity in Palestine. The study particularly looks at the impact on public finance, external trade and labor market.