Policy Analysis

Policy Analysis

Perspectives #12 - 50 Year of Occupation, 50 Years of Resilience


This year marks 50 years of occupation – a significant period, not only for Palestinians living inside historical Palestine, but indeed first and foremost for them. Meanwhile 50 years have passed. Generations have grown up in Palestine without knowing freedom, stability, democratic participation and economic prosperity.

In this issue of Perspectives we provide a glimpse on life under occupation during these 50 years through a collection of articles, pictures, infographics, maps and a graphic novel.

Call for Applications: Global Politics Summer School Jordan 2019

Call for Applications
The Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung is pleased to announce the call for applications for the Global Politics Summer School Jordan, which will take place in Amman from August 18th-29th, 2019 on the topic of "Jordan, Lebanon and the EU: What are their sources of stability in an unruly world?"
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For the past several decades, the Arab-Israeli conflict has been a major topic in international debates. 20 years after the Oslo process a solution seems further away than ever. Ongoing Israeli military occupation, Palestinian internal division, and international disorientation dominate the political agenda. Shifting regional power relations, the transformations in the Arab world, and the rise of Islamism add new layers to the already complicated political conflicts and social struggles.

In cooperation with its Palestinian and Jordanian partners hbs organises conferences, studies, debates, and expert meetings on national and regional levels, in order to analyse the underlying causes of the conflicts, anticipate future challenges, and provide policy advice. Furthermore, hbs organises visiting programs to contribute to the political and cultural dialogue between Germany, Europe, and the Middle East. hbs provides well researched and analysed information about policy options for decision makers on the Palestinian, Middle Eastern, German, and European level.

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