Climate Change


Call for Applications: Participation in COP25

The Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung- Palestine & Jordan welcomes applications from Palestine and Jordan for participation in the 2019 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 25) held in Santiago, Chile from December 2nd-13th, 2019.

COP24: Coal Country Hosts Climate Negotiations

Expectations were high for COP24, yet world leaders failed to adequately respond to climate change. What happened at COP24 and what does this mean for Palestine and the region?

By Ruba Anabtawi

Save our soils!

Healthy soils are crucial to human nutrition and the fight against hunger. But worldwide 24 billion tons of fertile soil is lost annually. Barbara Unmüßig calls attention to the growing threat to one of Earth’s most important resources.

Radical Goals for Sustainable Development

The rules of the global economy also remain untouchable, making it nearly impossible to restructure financial and trade policies to ensure that they do not result in more poverty, unchecked climate change, and irreversible resource destruction.

The language agreed upon so far is not reassuring. A timeworn commitment to economic growth at all cost is no answer to the question of how development can be balanced against the limits of our planet and the fact that billions of people live in poverty. In a finite world, infinite growth is impossible, and rising output will not put food on everyone’s table if the benefits of growth are not fairly distributed.