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LIVE STREAM FROM BERLIN - Squeezed: Space for civil society

A strong, vibrant, and diverse civil society is part of a functioning democracy – it is the air that a democracy needs to breathe.

On the evening of 27 October 2016, we would like to analyze the political situation with international guests from civil society. We want to know the specifics of how the work of civil society organizations is restricted, and the impact this has on their work. Furthermore, we would like to focus on counter strategies and get into a political dialogue about how politics can react to the repressive measures affecting civil society all over the world.

Dossier: Squeezed – Space for Civil Society

Protecting and expanding civil society space nationally and internationally

In the last years we have witnessed that freedom of speech and movement has come under attack. The space for civil society is shrinking - not only in the Middle East, but all over the world, even in well-developed countries.

The Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung in Berlin has compiled a webdossier discussing this subject, which will be enlarged and expanded over time. You will find thematic articles as well as regional examples. Please have a look.