Dr. Reham Alhelsi

Dr. Reham Alhelsi

Program Coordinator

Dr. Reham Alhelsi is the Program Coordinator for the “Democracy and Human Rights Program” and “Policy Analysis & Advocacy Program”, and is the Gender Focal Point. She has a PhD in Regional Planning and Politics from Karlsruhe University, Germany, and has around 20 years of diverse work experience, both in the public and civil society sectors, and worked with several Palestinian non-governmental organizations covering various fields, such as human rights issues, women's rights, public health, local governance, media and communication, advocacy and lobbying. Additionally, Reham is a human rights activist and an advocate for democracy, women’s rights and gender equality.


T: +972 2 296 11 21 Ι F:+972  2 296 11 22 

E: reham.alhelsi@ps.boell.org Ι WP: www.ps.boell.org

Tal Azzatar St. 6 Ι Ramallah/ Palestinian Territories