Our Programme Components in Short:

Over the course of the next three years, Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Palestine/Jordan will work in the following programme areas:

• Democracy and Human Rights
• Environmental Justice
• Policy Analysis

We consider gender and diversity as well as human rights to be a crosscutting issue for our work in all programmes.

In order to promote our goals, we build partnerships with Palestinian and Jordanian NGOs, academic institutions, think tanks, and other strategic stakeholders. We continuously accept suggestions for cooperation. If you would like to discuss a project that is particularly relevant to the goals described below, please contact the respective hbs staff member. For more information about how to apply, please scroll down.

The Democracy and Human Rights programme works to increase opportunities for actors of change to promote social and political participation in Palestine and the Palestinian Diaspora, as well as in Jordan. A special focus lies on younger actors. We further aim to support initiatives of human rights actors, including women’s rights and gender democracy, on the national and community level, as well as on an international level.
Dr. Reham Alhelsi:

In the Environmental Justice programme, we support our partners in communicating a rights-based approach to environmental issues locally, regionally, and internationally with a particular focus on human rights and gender. In addition, we promote a discourse on sustainable and (gender-) just natural resource management with a focus on renewable energy.
Nidal Atallah:

Our Policy Analysis programme aims to supply decision-makers and public on a regional and international level (including European and German audiences) with on-the-ground analyses of political developments in Palestine and Jordan.

Dr. Reham Alhelsi: 

Forms of cooperation:

Hbs does provide financial supports, but forms of cooperation do not exclusively mean financial support. Other forms of cooperation may include networking, provision of expertise and exchange of experiences, facilitation, mobilization and call relay etc.

How to Apply:

Depending on the nature of your initiative, project or activities please submit:

  1. A concept paper/ project proposal in Arabic or English, including the thematic field and intended project outcomes; goals of the project/activities; timetable; budget draft. Please note that applications for the Environmental Justice programme need to be submitted in English.
  1. Information about the applicant: organization, initiative group, individual
    • In the case of an organization – its official name, legal status, registration number, and the date of its foundation;
    • In the case of an initiative – name of the initiative, the mission statement of the group, and the group members’ CVs;
    • In the case of an individual – the applicant’s personal data (name, date of birth, occupation, home, and work address) and updated CV attached to the project proposal.
  1. Further information regarding  the project proposal:
  • The proposal should justify the relevance of the project and reflect on its social, economical or political context. It should contain relevant data (statistics, research conclusions, etc.), outline desirable results, and suggest easily measurable objectives and indicators.
  • The concept paper or the proposal should include information on the following: target groups (direct and indirect), activities and objectives to be implemented, schedule, human resources (description of the functions and certificates of qualifications of the project implementers).
  • If the project is implemented in cooperation with other organizations, it should indicate the necessity and the reason of such partnership, the previous experience of cooperation with the partner, the roles of each party of the project, and the corresponding budget distribution between partners.
  • The project budget must be calculated and presented in local currency.


A Space for new Ideas, Discussions and Exchange


The hbs Palestine/ Jordan office in Ramallah opens the doors to its new rooftop conference room. We invite activist groups and NGOs, who share the values of the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation, to use the meeting room free of charge. It provides space for around 35 people and includes the possibility to project presentations or films.  It has a wonderful, wide view from Ramallah to Jerusalem.

To schedule meetings or acquire further information, please send an e-mail to or call + 972 2 296 1121
The room is available during our office hours from Saturday to Thursday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.
In exceptional cases and with prior agreement meetings are possible outside of the office hours. 

Our videos

hbs Brochure


The hbs office in Ramallah opened in 1999. It currently operates as a regional office with responsibility for Palestine and Jordan. The activities of hbs are guided by the fundamental political values of universal human rights, ecology, democracy, solidarity, and non-violence. The hbs office Ramallah is working in close partnership with currently more than 20 local partner organizations in Gaza, East Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Jordan.

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Green Economy is a source of both hope and controversy. For some, it points the way out of permanent environmental and economic crises and promises to reconcile – a long cherished Utopia – ecology and economics. It fosters the hope that we can hang on to our current high standard of material prosperity.

On 2nd October 2017, we celebrated with all our partners and friends the closing of our EU funded project "Advancing the Rights of Vulnerable Palestinian Women and Children in East Jerusalem"

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